Superior perspective and

uncommon experience for

challenging business disputes

O’Shaughnessy Legal Counsel serves businesses in disputes and through counseling. It provides you with more than 20 years of experience in the most challenging types of business and antitrust disputes, with substantial experience for plaintiffs and defendants, in enforcement and private practice, and at the federal and state level throughout the country

Antitrust Counseling & Litigation

A time-tested, experienced, and trusted guide whose service has put him at the heart of numerous bet-the-company antitrust disputes and analyses. Whether you need brief advice, a long-term collaboration, or another type of antitrust engagement, O’Shaughnessy Legal Counsel has the flexibility and know-how to help solve your challenges

Business Litigation

With a focus honed on business strategies, the rationales behind them, and their consequences, an Ivy League economics degree, and a UCLA Law Specialization in Business Law, O’Shaughnessy Legal Counsel provides services geared toward businesses and their conduct. It offers significant experience and perspective in business ownership, fiduciary duty, and breach of contract disputes, as well as advice about how to avoid disputes and the potential advantages of pressing them

IP Litigation

Whether in analyses or disputes at the intersection of intellectual property rights and antitrust laws, or in traditional trade secret and copyright disputes, O’Shaughnessy Legal Counsel has the experience to help guide your path, collaborate with your existing team, or help you build a team of focused practitioners where needed

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